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How can I purchase tickets?

Glad you asked!  Since you have already found your way to our website (thank you!), click the Calendar tab in our menu to view our Concert Calendar provided by Prekindle.  You can browse our upcoming shows, preview bands/artists with Spotify and YouTube Links provided within each event.  You can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time.  Buying tickets in advance is always recommended for guaranteed entry, but you can also pay cash at the door day-of-show.  Yes, we have an ATM.

How do I book my band?

Please visit our Artist Booking page here.

Ticketing or Prekindle Questions?

Click here for more information on our ticking provider, Prekindle.

What time does the band come on?

Unless specifically advertised doors are at 6pm, show at 9pm.

How do I reserve a Table or VIP Seating?
There are a few steps: 
1.) You must first purchase your tickets on our website Concert Calendar or prekindle.com
2.) Email Marc@thebluelightdallas.com with the name of the ticket purchase/reservation is under and the number of seats requested. Please keep in mind that last minute add-ons upon arrival is frowned upon and unfair to other paid customers.
3.) To reserve a seat, there is a $25 minimum spend PER SEAT required. This does NOT include your ticket. All other non-reserved tables are first come/first serve with no charge.
** For more info including pictures visit our Table RSVP & VIP page here
What is VIP Seating?

VIP seating, better knows as our "Way Fun Area," is located directly next to stage left. You will enjoy the show from the closest distance the state of Texas allows. The Way Fun Area requires a $300 minimum spend (before included tax and 20% gratuity). This initial $300 includes a bottle of selected spirit with mixers of choice, a bucket of beer, some beef jerky, and assorted chewing gum.

** For more info including pictures visit our Table RSVP & VIP page here

What is your age requirement?

We are a 21+ venue. We ID everyone at the door upon entry.  If you are a parent/legal guardian of a pretty cool kid who wants to join in on some awesome music, expect some big ugly X's drawn on hands to indicate that they are a minor.  Underage drinking is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal... plus it is obviously against the law.  Underage Band Members are allowed but WILL follow the same regulations as an underage patron. 

How do I rent out the venue?

We are more than happy to accommodate private events! Visit our Event Booking page for details.

Where do I park?

Please visit our ABOUT section to view a handy map with other important parking information.

Do you serve food?

Yup!  Bar bites change frequently, please Contact Us day of for the night's grub.

Do you serve Draft beer?


Can I smoke?

Not indoors but we do have a private smoking alley behind the building where you can enjoy your beverage of choice while you puff away on your non "jazz cigarettes" and complain about drink prices.  NO VAPING inside venue.

Can I leave and come back?

Yes and no. Yes, you are allowed re-entry but if we are capacity, no. Come back too intoxicated... nope. Best bet is to stay put and enjoy the waters. 

What is the dress code?

We are very casual/come as you are. We welcome all walks of life. Don’t dress like an asshole and you’ll be fine.  Ladies, for your own safety- please keep those shoe on.

Lost something?

We do have a Lost & Found. We keep items for 1 week here until they are either thrown away or pawned for gas money/lap dances.  Please Contact Us as soon as possible if you have misplaced any items.

Walked/Non-Closed Tabs?

We swipe cards and return them to guests. Any open tab at end of the night will include a 20% gratuity. Moral of the story, keep track of your card.
You can retrieve your card during business hours: Monday-Saturday: 6pm-2am

Do you have a Happy Hour?

Indeed we do!  Happy Hour is 7 days a week from 6pm-8pm. Yup, that includes weekends. $3 domestics, $4 imports, $5 calls. 

Can I bring my pet?

Only ADA Certified Service Animals during concerts.  Day-time Special Events may vary.  Please Contact Us for any further questions.  

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